In general, The BAHS Board is responsible for and has the authority to determine all matters relating to the direction, control, policies, practices and oversight of the management of BAHS. In carrying out its governance role, the main task of the Board is to drive the performance of BAHS.

The Board must also ensure that BAHS complies with all of it's contractual, statutory and any other legal obligations, which includes the requirements of any regulatory body.

The key functions and activities of the BAHS Board:

  • Formulating strategic direction;
  • Setting governance policy
  • Monitoring and supervising CEO and organisational performance
  • Providing accountability to the members
  • Risk Management
  • Appointing and working with and through the CEO

Stephen Howarth - Chairperson
Robert Knight - Deputy Chair
Dawn Smith
Donna Willis
Jason Dixon
Joanne Edwards
Kevin Knight
Louise Elwood
Pat Canty