Formal Partnerships

To improve the delivery of health services to the Aboriginal people living in the Bourke Shire the BAHS has signed formal partnership agreements with the following services;

  • The Greater Western Area Health Service (as per the NSW Department of Health and the AH&MRC Partnership agreement); called the “BOURKE ABORIGINAL HEALTH PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT 2010 – 2015”, signed on 29th March 2010;
  • Bila Muuji AHS and the Greater Western Area Health Service (member service) GWAHS Regional Health Partnership Agreement;
  • The Outback Division of General Practice;
  • The Prince of Wales Outback Eye Service;
  • OCHRE Health - Provides the BAHS with a contractual General Practitioner Service;
  • COAG Murdi Paaki AOD Network Program.

Our service is a registered member of:

  • The Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Service Ltd;
  • The Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Co-operative (AH&MRC) (NSW State Peak Body for Aboriginal Health). (State level);
  • The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation – National Peak Body for Aboriginal Health (National Level);
  • The Friends of the Alliance - supporting the National Rural Health Alliance (National Level;
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (registered site);
  • Community Transport Organisation.

Terms of Reference Partnerships

  • Greater Western Area Health Service: Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services – Bourke
  • Bila Muuji Upper Sector Social & Emotional Wellbeing Program – formal TOR (Bourke, Brewarrina, and Walgett AMS’s & Orana Haven Rehabilitation Service)
  • BM Upper Sector Healthy for Life Consortium TOR (Bourke, Brewarrina, and Walgett AMS’s & Orana Haven Rehabilitation Service)
  • Cobar Medical Service Partnership between Bourke AMS & the Outback Division of GP’s to provide service delivery at a local level
  • Dr Heather Dalgety
  • Bourke Alcohol Working Group (BAWG) – Founding and formal member
  • Partnership with the Lyndon Community, Orange
  • Bourke Mental Health Team (GWAHS)
  • Working Partnership with Bourke Community Health (GWAHS)
  • Engonnia Clinical Partnership Bourke AMS, Outback Division of GP & GWAHS-Bourke
  • The George Institute for International Health (Injury Prevention Division)
  • Charles Sturt University – Oral Health Program – Student Placement
  • Sydney University – POCHE Centre for Aboriginal Health – Clinical Support & Student Placement
  • University of NSW – Outback Eye Services
  • Maranguka Justice Reinvestment
  • Bourke Aboriginal Community Working Party
  • Cobar Aboriginal Community Working Party
  • Engonnia Aboriginal Community Working Party
  • Richmond Fellowships - Hassi Housing – Bourke
  • Bourke Volunteer Drivers
  • NSW Health Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Network
  • NSW Health Aboriginal Sexual Health Network
  • NSW Aboriginal Health College (AH&MRC) – training requirements
  • Lyndon House Rehabilitation and Counselling Centre

Close Working Partnerships – Regional Level

  • Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Service Upper Sector Bourke, Brewarrina, and Walgett AMS’s & Orana Haven Rehabilitation Service)
  • Orana Haven Rehabilitation Centre – Gongolgon
  • Weigelli Corporation Aboriginal Centre, Cowra

Our service is also closely networking with the following services at a local level:

  • The Department of Community Services
  • Darling River Medical Services
  • The local police force – (LALAC) Local Area Liaison Aboriginal Community Working Group
  • Bourke Women’s Refuges
  • Birrang Enterprise Development Company Limited
  • Schools-Delivering education and SEWB programs into schools including counselling
    • Bourke Public School
    • Bourke High School
    • St. Ignatius Catholic School
    • Kiononia Christian Academy
    • PEOC Pre-school
    • Bourke Child Care Centre
  • Bourke Shire Council
  • Towers Drug Co – pharmacy
  • Alcohol Network Program Coordinator (Bourke) – ODGP
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Probation & Parole
  • Local Court Justice Service
  • Department of Community Services
  • Aboriginal Homecare
  • Murdi Paaki Housing
  • Yarrabin Outreach Centre
  • Kini Health
  • Women’s Legal Service
  • Police Community Youth Club (BAHS delivering Clinical Health & Education Programs)
  • Centacare
  • Ngardri Ngalli
  • Bourke TAFE College – training requirements
  • Job Link Plus Employment Agency
  • Missionary Sisters of Charity

National Associations

  • National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
  • Australian Drug Foundation (ADF)
  • Alcohol and Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA)

State Associations

  • NSW Network of Drug and Alcohol Agencies (NADA)