Bourke Aboriginal Health Service (BAHS) Health-related transport (HRT) is provided to assist individuals who are Transport Disadvantaged to access services necessary to ensure best possible health outcomes.

For the purposes of the policy TRANSPORT (HRT) DISADVANTAGE is defined as:

"a circumstance or set of circumstances which leaves those who are affected by it in a situation where they have limited or no access to private transport and have difficulties in accessing mainstream transport systems to meet their health needs"

The following points are a summary only. A copy of the full policy can be provided upon request.

  • Local HRT is provided within the boundaries of the Bourke Township, Alice Edwards Village and North Bourke.
  • Enngonia HRT is provided on a Friday.
  • Specialist out of town HRT is provided to Dubbo only and to Brewarrina and Cobar for services that are linked to Bourke specialist services e.g ophthalmology and ENT.
  • All transport must be booked through the BAHS reception.
  • Children under the age of 16, for the purposes of local transport, require an adult escort in order to be eligible for HRT.
  • Children under the age of 18 require a parent or career to escort them for non-local transport.
  • BAHS non-local HRT will operate a maximum of twice weekly. Any requests for transport outside of this will be assessed by management according to its merits and may be declined.
  • Clients must present to BAHS with requests for transport at least 7 days prior to travel date where possible.
  • Clients must provide or be assisted in completing an IPTAAS ( Isolated patients travel and accommodation assistance) form. This is claimed by BAHS to assist in providing funding for transport services.

Due to the potential risks involved some clients are deemed ineligible for HRT. Below are some examples of this:

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs.
  • Persons whose behaviour is threatening or abusive to either staff or fellow passengers.
  • Persons who are more than 32 weeks pregnant or deemed high risk at a lesser gestational age.